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Now I’ve moved house, I’m trying to get back on track with my health and fitness.
(Mmmm, just seeing the word ‘track’ makes me think of a delicious nutty treat…)


Nutty but on track

I don’t need it. I think I am obsessed with food.


Having a wobble


So my week pans (…mmm crispy fried bacon) out like this:

Game of Thrones = crisps and wine
Football match = sofa snacks and cider
Poldark = cheese and red wine

cheesy TV

Got any more of that Bavarian smoked luvva?


Filling the emptiness

Boredom. That’s maybe my major problem.
I used to live in London and was never bored. I had a fulfilling job at an ad agency, gym and swim membership, theatres, clubs, cinemas, live music, and friends.

My life was full, and my stomach was the right kind of empty.

Now I live in semi-rural Surrey my life had slimmed down to a few streets and my jeans have expanded.

Must take back control.


4 thoughts on “Shelf Esteem

  1. Stacy Moore says:

    I hope WW does well for you! My mom joined years ago and has kept the weight off ever since. She’s in her 80’s now. (She would be most upset with me for saying that.) Very trim and healthy. Pharmaceutical companies look at her and despair, because she needs them not. Go nuts with all that healthy downtown living! We will not mention the pizzeria down the street. 😉

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    1. jacqueline S says:

      Thank you. I know I’ll have my down days, but I want to be your mum at 80 (figuratively speaking)!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. sarah annis says:

    Looking forward to reading more about your progress – gate the word journey, over used at SW I thought! Be honest at all times and you’ll see how freeing it is. You can do this.

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    1. jacqueline S says:

      Thank you. Funnily enough, it is strangely liberating to have points to ‘spend’ and know your limits — yet enjoy the freedom within those limits. I was brutally honest with my wine and Frazzle intake yesterday for example!


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