A Christmas toy story

We were asked to donate a nearly-new cuddly toy to my boy’s school to raise funds in the Christmas raffle. My son decided to give away one of his precious teddies.

The teddies of all shapes and sizes (and species) jumble together in a seemingly random heap, next to his pillow in bed. However, they apparently have a strict ranking and placing that only my son knows. If a little leopard or a furry duck slips into the wrong area, rearrangement is absolutely necessary.

Out of this pile he chose to donate a small teddy called ‘Gartner’ Bear (the bear was wearing a Gartner t-shirt).

On the morning of the raffle donation, my son was a bit reluctant to give away ‘his’ teddy, but he took the little bear off to school to put in the donation box.

When I picked up my boy after school, he was rather sad.

He explained how he had given Gartner Bear to a school helper, and that the teddy had been put into the box. He said he could see his little furry face peeping out … and suddenly he wanted the little teddy back, very badly.

Then, a much larger toy was put on top of Gartner Bear, squashing him.

I could see my son (very sensitive, highly imaginative) felt really very sad about this. He wanted to rescue the little ted, to bring him home and love him again.

So I do The Mum Thing and told him how happy Gartner bear was! What an exciting adventure — he’s off to see the world — hurrah! And how another little boy or girl will win him in the toy raffle and love him etc. etc.

Over a week later, we went to the school Christmas Fayre to support the drive for funds. My son paid for one raffle ticket at the toy tombola. And of course won back Gartner bear straight away.

So, as you tuck your little ones in tonight, be sure and tell them that there IS a Teddy God.

Back where he belongs

Back where he belongs