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Zombie Training

There was a zombie woman on my early morning train. Her face was a skeleton. Smooth tea-coloured skin stretched over dry bones. Milky blank eyes of faint cataract blue. Colourless dry wisps of hair stuck to the dome of her skull. Her maw … Continue reading

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Whales: Perspective

Whales. Poor whales. Poor dead sperm whales, to be specific. Six of them have beached themselves on the east shores of the UK over the last few weeks. I don’t have any theories as to why they washed up. They … Continue reading

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Misery loves company. Or not…

I just re-read a book by accident. It was Stephen King’s Misery. I don’t read horror books any more (I still watch horror films though). So, I was just looking through one of the many boxes of books I still haven’t unpacked since moving house, … Continue reading

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Bus Stop Snippets

I have some new snippets in my collection if you’d like to glimpse briefly into other people’s worlds for a moment. Bus Stop Snippets

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The Created becoming the Creator

See this article? Android Dreams Images created by computer algorithms. Eerily beautiful. Haunting landscapes. Arty, aren’t they? You can watch a short neural network in action (or close enough) at Google’s blog, and see how a computer brain happily turns clouds into magical sky cities. “… I’ve … Continue reading

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Perception is everything

So, I went for a walk, and I stood to watch the river as it slid past. The sunshine made the water’s surface a mass of glinting white lines and triangles of light. Moving. Animated. Shining gulls over smooth green glass. I … Continue reading

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