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A lot of people in my business (advertising/marketing) are saying we should embrace the #SayYourAge movement.

I’ve been reluctant to join in. But why?

Why should my age go against me?

I’m still achieving as a creative director and copywriter, probably with much greater insight than in my younger days.

So, is it fear of what my clients may think? 

Fear I’ll be seen as an ‘old woman’ in my industry? 

Fear that connections on LinkedIn will think that I’m no longer ‘with it’? 

I still think I’m ‘with it’.

But that’s the problem with ageing.

You can’t always recognise that you might be more withered than ‘with it’.

I’m running a successful creative business, but this industry has made me so scared of ageism I’m reluctant to hold up my bony old claw and croak my age.

Feel the Fear. Do it anyway.

OK. Here goes. I am 56 and a bit. God that sounds so ancient. But please don’t judge me by age. Look at what I do instead.

I have never been more in demand as a creative or a writer. Maybe clients (unlike most ad agencies and recruiters) appreciate and understand my experience, and all that means for their projects and communications.

It could be that I’m direct and easy to talk to. That I’ve grown in confidence after 35 years in the business. Whatever it is, I will make the most of it for as long as I can.

If I’m honest, I never believed my career in advertising would last much beyond my 39th birthday. So I’ve exceeded my own expectations.

Here I am. I’m still working in the business. It is possible. It can be done.

Good luck to any fellow oldies reading this, especially my creative colleagues.

P.S. Clients please don’t leave me. I’m still a copy ninja rockstar guru. Honest.

2 thoughts on “Embracing my Agitation

  1. Clemency Marlowe says:

    Ah good on you! It’s idiotic that agencies and recruiters – without exception – take this attitude. I’m 58 and about to reinvent myself a) as a creative and b) in my own business. I know I’m at the top of my game (I would be really with all that experience and, at the risk of sounding unbearably arrogant, having seen the standard of what I’m forced to call ‘the opposition’ (youth). The standard (all round) is generally laughably low! Stay ‘with it’! x


    1. Jacqueline S says:

      Good for you! The main issue I’ve noticed in agencies these days is there is no time built in for mentoring from seniors, and not much time for crafting. Learning creative/copy skills from the ‘masters’ in the department was painful at times, but it’s what’s kept me in demand (probably). Best of luck with your new venture. x


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