‘It’s got a good beat… … …’

Walking to the station this morning.

The Chemical Brothers banging away in my earphones. I was striding along. Pumping bass. Deafening synth chords.

But, it was all a bit… loud.

I got to thinking, “Is this the music I need to hear?”

“Am I really enjoying these hyper dance sounds at 8.30am on a beautifully tranquil English summer morning?”

Half of me was saying, “Yeh. Sure. I’m down with the block-rockin beats.”

However, a significant part of me was also saying, “Call that music? It’s a bloody racket.”

I am a 40-something straddling two halves of my being.

I do like the music!

I feel young, vibrant, in-tune. Ready for action.


If I turned off the music I could hear the tweety birds singing in the whispering trees.

Middle-age cred?

Or middle-age dread?

Still one of my favourite albums

Under The Influence

And this guy Still got the moves

About jacqueline S

I get paid to write things for clients. I'm not paid to write here for myself.
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