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The Coat of Power is upon me, and yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow on the way to town, I SHALL fear no evil.

It’s amazing (and frankly, quite shallow) how much a new coat or a new perfume can lift your spirits when you’re down.

Since I bought the New Coat I have resolved:

1. To stop drinking (alcohol) every day
2. To eat more healthy food (again)
3. To lose AT LEAST 2 stone for my health and my children’s sake (again)
4. To start walking more & to work every day
5. To look after myself more
6. To have more patience and not live with constant regret
7. To stop berating and accusing myself for every small mistake or slip I may make
8. To stop seeking approval from the people in my life: I AM OK

The Coat has a mysterious power, and it is working over and through me.

It is a shiny black Parka with silver zips and toggles and has a furry rimmed hood. It makes me feel extraordinarily good when I wear it.

So therefore I am acting more like the Woman-In-The-Coat that I want and hope to be.

I can’t wait to walk and go out in it.!!!

Maybe it is a Voodoo coat??? Drenched in power from some unknowable dark lady who worked on its silvery accents; binding spells into its shining lining, singing strange words in a low voice to an ancient tune; breathing positivity into its fur-lined hood.

It was in the Sale at House of Fraser down from £250 to £175.


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