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Three young artists diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis were given a brief — to create something good out of something bad.

can't fly away

Bird heads on beach

The one above I thought was beautiful and thought-provoking. The birds look longingly into the sky; maybe they feel grounded? Are they thinking they will never fly again? Do they miss their wings?

Whatever has happened to their bodies, they are still beautiful.

Feeling misty

Feeling misty

This one speaks to me. I’m wondering if the artist is aware that their own perceptions and observations will perhaps become clouded, compromised, as the disease progresses.

Or perhaps, that others will perceive them differently — somehow less — invisible — faceless — now they are diagnosed with a ‘dread disease’.

The other point I took from the article was that no two MS diagnoses are the same.

My own experience of watching someone in pain and suffering was not at all beautiful.

But having seen these artists’ reactions, I am left impressed by their positivity.

The disease shaped me too … maybe for the better, in ways I’ll never truly understand.

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