Leaving it all behind

Did you read this story?

Her home

Anne Naysmith, ex Royal College of Music, lived her life on the edge of society

See Homeless ex-pianist dies

So many questions I’d like to ask Anne.

Why would an obviously gifted woman choose a life on the edge?

Living in a car (or on a railway embankment) must have been tough and uncomfortable. What words could’ve persuaded her to come back to ‘normal’ life?

What is ‘normal’ life, anyway?

Why did she prefer her own new world?

How many other people end up living lives like this?

Leaving things they love behind (deliberately, unintentionally, sadly?), and proceeding to go through a new, pared-down kind of life.

Makes you think.

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I get paid to write things for clients. I'm not paid to write here for myself.
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