No idea

I’ve had no ideas lately.

No wonderful words have slipped through my mind.

No scintillating thoughts I feel feel driven to share.

No things.

No thing.

So, I am borrowing a few of my favourite words. I’m just going to leave them here. And see if they start talking to each other.

Perspicacious. Crystal.

Ethereal. Emerald.

Ocean. Sapphire.

Translucent. Equinox.

Jewelled. Satsuma.

Sublime. Susurration.







About jacqueline S

I get paid to write things for clients. I'm not paid to write here for myself.
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5 Responses to No idea

  1. anotherclosethippie says:

    Oh, Good old writer’s block 😉

    I usually try to read a whole bunch when this happens to me… but thinking of favorite words is a unique strategy. Will try it some time!

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  2. Kim says:

    Oh, these are absolutely beautiful words!

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