Time to take off

What if we could treat each day as arriving on a new planet.

What if each dawn was a new beginning on our own fresh, clean world.

What if the grass or stone we walked on this morning had never been walked on before.

How pure and clean life would feel.

Just standing, looking up into the sky, and feeling happy and free to be there.

To breathe it all in.

To know what it is to be alive.
To finally arrive.

Arriving. Knowing.

Arriving. Knowing.

Reaching out to touch the grass.

Hearing the wind ruffling leaves.
Gentle breeze
Cooling your skin.

The sun warming your face. Or the rain washing it. (Either would be perfect.)

This world is yours.

To walk, to run.
To stand, to listen.
To watch, to feel.

What if we are given this new chance every day?

We could travel there. (If we can only get through the Black Hole!)

Out into the light on the Other Side.

Travel through the black to a better world

Travel through the black to a better world

We could take off today.

Couldn’t we?

Shed the dirt, the sadness.
The hurt, the badness.

Arrive warm, clean and ready, at light, bright, fresh, new Planet Me.

A place of fantastic possibility and opportunity.

A place of sunshine, of infinite new horizons stretching ahead.

Planet Me

Planet Me

What would you do on your new Planet today?

It’d be great to explore with friends.

There is Do or Not Do.


So, I’ve been thinking, is it so very wrong to take some comforting life guidance from science fiction?

I know, I know.

I sound like a foolish fool.

But I find some of the ideas in Star Trek, Knowing, SignsStar Wars and Interstellar quite moving and profound.

I like to think that somewhere, camouflaged by Hollywood hoo-hah, a writer/director sitting quietly at their desk added that depth to share a message of hope: the possibility of new beginnings.

No matter how old you are, or how fucked up your life has been, there is a moment where you can change.

Where you can influence the future, and leave the rotten old past behind.

Time and gravity

Today is the future

New planets, new days, new chances.

Sounds good.

Just as long as there isn’t an Alien or Prometheus waiting.

Welcome home!


Do not go gently into that dark night. Live a bit.

Do not go gently into that dark night. Live a bit.