Apprentice fever has hit our house again.

I hate it (well, I love to hate it).

It’s a guilty pleasure. Jeering at the candidates’ mistakes that all seem so obvious from the safety of your sofa, arguing with Lord Sugarpuff’s boardroom decisions and deriding the outrageously scripted puns.

But once again what strikes me is how horribly uncooperative the women are when they have to work together.

It’s perplexing and also disturbing to watch how undermining they are, and how useless they are at backing each other up.

The men are as you’d expect — swinging cocks, jockeying for the Alpha Male position.

Hear me ROAR

Hear me ROAR

But they often gel as a go-getting team.

Watching the series this time with my daughter — who is on the brink of taking her options at school, wondering what to do with her life — I was a bit embarrassed at how rubbish the women are.

What does this look like through her eyes?

I know it’s only a game show, produced to create TV ratings, but watching the catty ripostes and lack of support amongst the women’s team reminded me of my own experiences working in a male-dominated business.

Women are not very kind to each other in business.

This is interesting from Quora Why don’t women support each other?

The third commentator down the list has nailed it, I think.

Hopefully things are changing. I’ve met some inspiring and influential women through my own business lately.

Be a wonderful woman

Be a wonderful woman