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So Virgin are offering these ‘punk’ credit cards. Oh the wonderful irony of it! Did the marketing/brand team really believe people would think, ‘Hey! I’m such a rebel! No-one owns me!’ … As they take out their credit card to fund their plastic life and remain in debt to the wealthy bankers who are laughing down their …

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I got a call (well, a tweet) from an ex-colleague on Monday, offering me the chance of a few days work at a large ad agency in London. As I’m not that busy with my own business, I thought ‘Why not?’ I’d give it a go. Just a few days writing. A few days freelance. …

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As this festive time of year approaches, I am reminded that tis the season to lay off staff (fa la la la … la la la LA!). I know it doesn’t scan as happily as the traditional carol, which is apt for such sad tidings. In the past week alone I’ve heard of two colleagues who are now facing a bleak midwinter; I’m …

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October 9, 2014

Suddenly very busy writing for a new client. My own writing hasn’t just had to take a back seat, it’s had to get out and wait at the bus stop.