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So Virgin are offering these ‘punk’ credit cards.


Never Mind The Irony …


I own you. Don’t forget.

Oh the wonderful irony of it! Did the marketing/brand team really believe people would think, ‘Hey! I’m such a rebel! No-one owns me!’

… As they take out their credit card to fund their plastic life and remain in debt to the wealthy bankers who are laughing down their Hugo Boss sleeves. Probably.

It’s almost like a great rock n roll swindle.

sex pistols


2 thoughts on “Never Mind The Irony …

  1. Stacy Moore says:

    Nostalgia > Irony.

    In grad school I was a teaching assistant for an undergraduate “History of Rock ‘n’ Roll” class. The professor discouraged discussion, so all these teenagers just quietly, dutifully took notes on the music of rebellion. Bonkers.


  2. jacqueline S says:

    Anarchy! But please take notes…

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