On losing a family cat

There’s a cat-shaped hole in our house tonight.

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I get paid to write things for clients. I'm not paid to write here for myself.
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10 Responses to On losing a family cat

  1. Stacy Moore says:

    It’s hard enough to lose an elderly pet who’s given you time to get used to the idea, let alone a young one. They are far too good at masking discomfort until it’s too late to help them. I’m sorry. I hope your daughter is doing OK. x

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    • jacqueline S says:

      My daughter is sad. It was the sudden-ness of the loss that has made it so difficult to come to terms with. From seemingly healthy cat to dying cat in just over 3 days. I lost quite a few cats as I was growing up (roads aren’t kind to cats, and kidneys do fail as they age), but this is the first loss for her. I guess accepting death is part of growing up. Thank you for your kind words as always my friend. x

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  2. Hello my friend. I am sorry to hear of your loss….so sad when we lose friend. We lost Amelia the hen last week . I feel your pain. I hope you and the family are well. Aside from your loss, is everything else alright ? Virginia is hot and very stormy. Weve been battling erosion, parasites on everything edible, high winds and flooding and general discomfort from humidity. Life is good though, and i would be wrong to complain. I have started making hand bags and totes with Etsy in mind…every moment im not busy i am making something. Id love to make you a little something…favorite colours ? Write soon And please take care.

    Xx Grace

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    • jacqueline S says:

      Grace – thank you for your kind words and vivid description of life in Virginia — captured in just a few words. I will write to you soon. Would love to hear more about your hand bags project. And sorry for your loss of Amelia 😦 xx


  3. randyjw says:

    Oh, I’m sorry. I’m glad to see that you’re active at this blog, though. I just started getting nervous about that. Your stories about your son and the hat and stuffed animals really gave me a good cry.

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  4. jacqueline S says:

    Hello 🙂 sorry I’m not on here very much at the moment as I’m working in London. I catch up with comments when I can!


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