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This ad has made me a bit angry today.

Not just the fact that it shows the arrogance of a company (person?) who doesn’t care enough about the written word to check spellings.

But because somewhere, some place, some poor uncertain, shy writer may actually PAY THIS PERSON TO REVIEW THEIR WORK.


And that is very sad.



4 thoughts on “Have you’re writting proffesionally revued.

  1. I love your post title.
    And yeah, amazing how typos like that can happen especially in that field.

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    1. jacqueline S says:

      Thank you. I see these type of ads all the time. This one stood out for all the wrong reasons!


  2. theresagreen says:

    It sounds quite like someone luring people in to steal any promising ideas for themselves and take payment for them!


    1. jacqueline S says:

      Not sure about that … but I feel that any writing sent to this company will not be ‘professionally reviewed’. They couldn’t even be bothered to proof read their own ad.


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