A moving experience

My blog has been sadly neglected. Poor little bloggy.

Moved house. Moving on.

Saying goodbye to some things.

It was quite cleansing to unburden myself. Going through piles of papers. Throwing out crumpled cartoons, wrinkled pages of writing, years and years worth of diaries.

It’s like taking a weight off the mind or soul.

I mean, if you haven’t looked at something you wrote nearly 30 years ago, it’s unlikely you’re going to go back and finish it? Is it?

And if there was a germ of an idea there, surely it will still grow? Do we need to carry around the hard copies to remember?

So tired of the scraps and scribbles I’ve carried around from house to house.

It’s time to look forward.

However. I did keep this, from around 25 years ago.

It made my family laugh. So I’ll share it with you.


Cat and mouse